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Home World Panama provides liason services for foreign investors looking to invest in real estate in Panama.

Why invest in Panama? Panama has always stood apart from Central and South America, with its dollar based economy and stable political situation, sustained by its Canal, Free Trade Zone, and international banking. Many Fortune 500 companies are based here.

Panama real estate investments has become one of the hottest items in the world. As people search for real estate opportunities, Panama real estate has become very desirable for many people. There is an abundance of land for sale in Panama: private properties, government sales, titled lands and possession rights properties have all added to the available locations and types of offerings that exist for Panama real estate.

Panama's laws, tax incentive, and general business climate are conducive to foreign investment. This has resulted in Panama foreign investment being equal or greater than foreign investment in any other Latin American country. Per capital, Panama has far and away the highest foreign investment in Latin America. Foreign investment is likely to stay and continue to drive Panama's economic expansion for years to come.